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Hello! My name is Vicki and after falling in love with this beautiful breed, I decided to become a breeder to share the joy of the Bolognese. 

Around 30 years ago, I co-owned and bred English Springer Spaniels for several years. I loved the grooming, showing, and puppies that go together with responsible breeding. The Bolognese is the perfect breed for me to resume this love at this point in my life. I hope that by participating in breeding Bolognese for confirmation and temperament, these wonderful dogs will grow in popularity and numbers in the United States.

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A small companion breed originating in Italy, the Bolognese is a calm, faithful dog with a non-shedding, odorless, long, fluffy, pure white coat. Italian nobility made the breed especially famous by giving puppies as gifts to other noble families during the Renaissance. They are depicted in Renaissance art and in writings and are even mentioned by Aristotle. 


The Bolognese are very playful, easygoing, and love their people. They can be shy towards strangers but warm up quickly. They are prone to separation anxiety and do not do well alone for long periods of time. They are quite curious by nature and comical in their games. They never tire of human interaction and are true companions.


The non-shedding coat of the Bolognese is long, dense, and fluffy. It falls in loose open ringlets all over the body. To avoid matting, their coats need regular brushing (just like our hair). Regular eye cleaning with soaked warm cotton and teeth cleaning is also recommended. 



Sophie's first litter arrived on July 4, 2021. It was so successful, I'm repeating the breeding. Ella (the little girl I kept from Sophie's first litter) has brothers and sisters due September 29, 2022! I am ecstatic about Sophie's upcoming litter and will be ready to send home puppies in time for the holidays. Please reach out if you are interested in adding a Bolognese puppy to your home!


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